Silvio Vieira is a 3D/digital artist from Porto, Portugal. His artistic journey began as a street artist around 2003, in the Graffiti scene, was his first way to create and express. His passion evolved to creating surrealistic drawings, always trying to transmit a fluid feeling to his linework (most of his early surreal creations where made without previous sketchs) eventually extended into the digital medium (around 2006) finding his unique form of creating surrealist and visionary digital art.
To sustain himself, he worked 2 years as a graphic designer/web designer on a enterprise called “Diarpa”.
After being forced to quit due to enterprise financial problems, he started to work as a large format printer technician on an enterprise called “Multitema” for about 7 years.
When art commissions started to get more prominent, he decided to quit his job and pursue his passion working as a Artisan / Tile painter on a store called “Prometeu” where his tile panels and souvenirs still currently selling at the center of Porto.
Forced to quit his artisan job due to the pandemic he found that cryptoart was his main way to earn income.
Currently dedicated to keep constantly evolving he is creating mainly 3D work and Animations.

Entering Crypto art/ NFT space in 2019, Silvio started creating Digital Collectibles, where most of his pieces are now available through SuperRare, Makersplace or KnownOrigin.

His inspirations are drawn from nature and the communication of the subconscious, dreamscapes, internal energies, spirituality and parallel realities, finding their way into the digital realms created by Vieira. His works are an extension of his dreams or visions, depicting a most prominent feeling, which often manifests into works that exude a dream-like aura.

Music was and still is an inspiration.

He was a  guitarrist / vocalist,  special mention to “Saiif Adell”, “Carnival Night” and “Ama Dive”, both of the first 2 bands released an album with Silvio Vieira as a compositor, main guitarrist / vocalist.


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