Sílvio Vieira is a Portuguese artist currently residing in Porto.

He creates transcendental works, using Digital or Traditional medium where he is always trying to communicate a special energy through his lines. Sílvio has already done several digital / traditional works for bands / musicians / events and continues to accept all kind of commissioned works and selling his own prints.

id silvio vieira

A few words about

My History

When he was a child he lived with his mother and grandparents in an old house next to a forest and was always trying to figure out how to mimic the flow of the roots within his first doodles.
Years later, in middle-school, with the emerging street art culture (2000+/-), he started doing Graffiti around his town.
5/6 years later, he began merging his graffiti style with his first experimental surrealism steps (mostly painted with only ballpoint BIC pens). Silvio started to feel that his real passion was the metaphors hidden witihin his drawings and the expression in the lines.
10 years on, Silvio is now experimenting with traditional and digital artwork(since the photoshop 7.0 version), creating commissioned works and selling prints. Currently, he is trying to go one step further into the unknown with a new series and website. Silvio is also launching new works more frequently in his online store. This time, with a more solid vision.

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